Recycling IIS services

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Sometimes it may be necessary to recycle some of the services on your web server(s) if you are experiencing issues.

NOTE: This is a simple process, but it will disconnect users and cause them to possibly lose what they are working on.

Do not perform during business hours, unless absolutely necessary!

Connect to your web server in your normal fashion.

  • Go to Administrative Tools > Services > IIS Admin Service.


  • Click on "Restart the service". It may prompt you to cycle other services with it, click Yes.
  • Scroll up in the list and Restart the AhsVoeService.


  • Launch IE and verify that you can log into Enterprise EHR.

If you receive the following when trying to log in, you may need to start the Default Web Site.


First Verify you did not Stop the IIS Admin Service instead of restarting.
  • Go Administrative Tools > Internet Services (IIS) Manager.


  • Highlight Default Web Site and then click the Start button above.