Referral to Another Provider

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  1. Select the patient from the schedule
  2. Double click to open the patient chart
  3. Complete the workflow as you usually would before referring a patient


  1. Under Orders, select Follow Up/Referral from the ACI within the patient chart.


  1. Depending on your default you will either need to search for the correct referral (i.e.Cardiology) or select the correct referral.
  2. Select OK.


  1. The Order Details Page will open up. Make sure the “Status” is selected as Active and Allscripts Referral Network is selected for “Communicated by”.
  2. Select Save and Close


  1. Select your referral (it will appear in bring pink just as it did in 11.x).
  2. Select Save and Continue.


  1. This will direct you to the Referral Network VTB.
  2. Find the correct referral and select Send Referral.


  1. Enter in the appropriate information for the referred (Dr. Green) provider.
  2. Select search.


  1. This will populate a provider.
  2. Select confirm if this is the correct provider.
  3. Select the hyperlink if this isn’t the correct provider and refine your search.


  1. After confirming you will be brought to the select documents screen.
  2. Select the patient chart documents you wish to send to the referred (Dr. Green) provider by checking the boxes.


  1. Under CCD/CCR you have the option to send sections of the patient chart.
  2. Select Send.


  1. You will be brought to a screen that shows the status on the right hand side.



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