Reporting Database User Permissions

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Granting permissions for users directly accession the SQL Server where clinical data is stored should be done carefully. The primary concerns that we think of include: access to information, and ability to edit/delete information in the database. Carefully evaluate the need for a particular individual's need for information when reporting - do they need access to all data? Only user data? Also evaluate whether there are any reasons to grant anything by read (db_datareader) access to the user.


Here we share some recommended configurations for users reporting from the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

Full report-only access

Create a new SQL Login with the following access, for each person who will be reporting from the database. Grant the user the db_datareader database role on all EHR-related databases, and any other permissions defined below:

  • AHSCharge
  • AHSDelta
  • AHSLibrary
  • AHSMessage
  • AHSOCD (if exists)
  • chInfoscan
  • chMedcinSearch
  • chMedispan
  • IDXwf
  • Impact (if exists)
  • Impact_AUDIT_* (if exists, any Impact Audit databases)
  • Winscribe (if exists)
  • Works
    • Execute on common functions:
      • dbo.fnPhone
      • dbo.fnGetIntListToTable
      • dbo.fnGetChrToTable