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In v10, ChartViewer displayed items like the preview option in MS Outlook. User could click an item on the left side of the screen and on the right side they would see the contents of the item.

In v11, the user clicks on an item in the Chart Viewer and a new window opens to display the contents of the item. When the user clicks another item in the Chart Viewer, the content viewer window seems to disappear.

The content viewer window does not actually disappear, it just goes behind the main window; by clicking on another item in the chart the user is making the main window the active window which brings it to the front. If you right click > View or double-click the item in the list, it should bring the content viewer back to the front to show the contents of the item. Here is the click by click workflow:

  1. Double click an item in chart viewer. (The content viewer window opens and displays the contents of the item.)
  2. Move the content viewer window so that you can still see the list of items in the chart viewer.
  3. Right click - View or double-click a different item in chart viewer (the content viewer window displays content of the new item).

This workflow allows the user to "jump around" in the chart rather than previewing every item. If it does not work right away, verify that the doubleclick action is set to View.

To view the items in order they appear in the chart viewer, use the green “next” or “previous” buttons in the content viewer.