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The CPT4 Modifier SSMT content category can be used to assist in managing the entries in the CPT4 Modifier dictionary. The Code and Mnemonic values for this category are not viewable or accessible via the Answer dictionary; only via SSMT or SQL query.

This dictionary can also and is commonly managed via the use of a real time dictionary interface between the practice management system and EHR.

Column Listing and Description

  • Entry Code - this is the unique entry code value for the CPT4 modifier value.
  • Full Name - this is the entry name and description field for the CPT4 modifier. You could see this field in the application in either or both the Visit Charges or Procedure Charges portion of the Charge module.
  • Entry Mnemonic - this is the unique mnemonic for the CPT4 modifier.
  • Mod Type - this indicates what type of modifier is being used and can impact how the modifier is accessed in the Charge module.
    • Procedure - the modifier can only be applied to procedure charge codes and only applied via the the Procedure Charges page.
    • Visit - the modifier can only applied to visit charge codes and only applied via the Visit Charges page.
    • Both - the modifier can be applied to either visit charges or procedure charges and can be accessed via both the Visit Charges and Procedure Charges pages.
  • Inactive? - this is the flag displaying the state of the entry.
    • Y - means the entry is inactive in the Answer dictionary; set this value if you wish to deactivate the entry.
    • N - means the entry is currently active; set this value is you are adding a new answer class.
  • CCIFlag - indicates whether or not the modifier is to participate in CCI checking.
    • Y - use to indicate the modifier will participate in CCI checking.
    • N - use to indicate the modifier will not participate in CCI checking.
  • Create? - indicates whether or not to create a new entry.
    • Y - means the entry is new and will attempt to create as a new CPT4 modifier.
    • N - means the entry already exists and an update will be attempted to an existing entry.

Migration Considerations

  • Even though SSMT is a viable option for managing the CPT4 Modifier EHR dictionary, it may not be the ideal and recommended option. CPT4 modifiers are almost always defined and primarily managed by the practice management system. Before attempting to load this content category amongst different environments, it is recommended to ensure that the appropriate instances of the practice management system are in sync as well.