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The ChargeMap BillableProvider SSMT content category can primarily be used to assist in managing the potential Billing Area, Location, or Division values for Allscripts Enterprise EHR billable providers. This information is also manually managed in the application via TWAdmin --> Charge Admin --> Map Providers. Adding or removing a mappings in this admin workspace will directly effect what is available in SSMT for this category.

Stored Procedures used:

  • Extracting data: IMPGetChargeMapBillableProvider
  • Loading data: IMPSetChargeMapBillableProvider

Column Listing and Description

  • BillingProvider - this is the EHR username value of the billing provider for which mapping(s) are being created or removed. This should directly reference the Username field in TWUser Admin.
  • FavoriteSetName - indicates which of the three dictionaries will be used. Acceptable values for this field are:
   * DivisionDE - indicates that the entry name value from the Division dictionary dictionary will be referenced.
   * BillingLocationDE - indicates that the entry name value from the Billing Location dictionary will be referenced.
   * BillingAreaDE - indicates that the entry name value from the Billing Area dictionary.
  • EntryName - this will be the entry name value from either the Billing Division, Area, or Location dictionary depending on the value specified for FavoriteSetName.
  • DictEntryID - this is the 'ID' field from either the Division_DE, Billing_Location_DE, or Billing_Area_DE table depending on the value specified for FavoriteSetName.
  • DeleteFlag - acceptable values for this field are:
   * Y - indicates that an already existing mapping to be removed; use to remove already existing mappings.
   * N - indicates that a favorite entry for the provider and element currently exist; use to update already existing entries.

Migration Considerations

  • This SSMT content category may be more ideal for contrast and compare between environments vs. using it to build new mappings.
  • Because this content category requires a database ID to be known before loading it is not something that is readily available other than looking up via SQL.
  • If the sequence or method of how your billing dictionaries are constructed from environment to environment varies then the database ID value may not necessarily be the same or available for use in other or both environments.

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