SSMT: Clinical Desktop Views - Users

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This category allows you to assign clinical desktop views to users as well as set the default clinical desktop view for a user.

Column Listing and Descriptions

  • Username - Determines which user account will be affected by the row.
  • View Name - Determines which clinical desktop view will be associated with the preceeding user account.
  • Site - This is only used for personal views. By adding a site here, you can determine which clincal desktop views will be associated with a user while logged into a certain site.
  • Organization - Designates the organization associated with the assigned view.
  • Default View (Y/N) - Flag to indicate whether the corresponding view is the user's default view. If this value is not set, a user's default will be their assigned view that falls first in alphabetical order. This can also be set from the User/Provider SSMT content category but it is preferred to set the value here.
  • Delete - This flag indicates whether the view will be removed from the user's list of views. This will not delete a clinical desktop view altogether.
    • Y - indicates the current clinical desktop view will be removed from the users available list
      of views to choose from.
    • N - indicates the current clinical desktop view will remain associated with the current user.
      Use to add additional chart views to the user's current list.