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The Division SSMT content category can be used to assist in managing the entries in the Division dictionary. The Division dictionary in most cases is provided by the PMS and in some cases kept synchronized via dictionary interfaces with the PMS. It is almost always the case that the entry code, name, and mnemonic values for the Division entries will need to match what is in the PMS or centralized billing system.

Column Listing and Description

  • Entry Code: Unique code that needs to be matched up to the PMS.
  • Division Name: A text description of the Division. Usually this description is the name that the client uses for the division.
  • Entry Mnemonic: Unique mneumonic that needs to be matched up the PMS. This is often identical to the Entry Code.
  • Inactive: Y/N. Set to Y to inactivate an existing Division. Otherwise, set to N.
  • Create: Y/N. Set to Y to create a new Division. Set to N to edit an existing Division.