SSMT: Flowsheet Definitions

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The Flowsheet Definitions content category allows for the extraction of flowsheet definitions and associated settings, including which orderables are contained in specific flowsheets. This is the primary content category used for migrating flowsheets between environments.

Note: prior to using this content category, please ensure that all orderables and their associated resultables exist in the target environment. This can be done by either creating them manually, or using the OID - Orderable Item Dictionary and RID - Resultable Item Dictionary content categories first.

Column Listing and Descriptions

  • *HDRENTRYNAME - This is the display name of the flowsheet
  • RowType - This refers to the classification of each clinical item contained in the flowsheet. Do not change this value.
    Possible Values:
    *QC = Order
    *MF = Medcic Finding
    *MT = Medcin Template
    *ME = Medication
  • EntryCode - This is the Code of the orderable(s) included as part of the flowsheet definition(s).
  • EntryName - This is the display name of the orderable(s) included as part of the flowsheet definition(s).
  • Specialty - This refers to the specialty assignment(s) for the flowsheet(s).
  • Problems - This is the list of problem(s) associated with the flowsheet(s).
  • DELETE - This allows you to specify whether or not you'd like to delete certain orderable(s) contained within the flowsheet definition. Deleting from the flowsheet definition will not delete the orderable itself.
    Limitations - 'Y' or 'N' defaults to 'N' if not supplied.