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The Note Text Templates SSMT content category can be used to assist in managing Text Templates for use in the Note module of Allscripts Enterprise EHR. This content category can be used both to migrate and update Note based Text Templates. Due to the unique syntax and nature of text templates is not recommended to use this tool as a primary creation tool for new text template creation, but rather for updates and environment migrations.

Stored procedures used:
Loading data: ImpGetTextTemplates
Extracting data: ImpSetTextTemplate

Column Listing and Description

This applies for both v10 and v11 text templates.

  • Template - The name of the text template.
  • Note Section - Section of the note that the text template would be used in.
  • Group - Only used for v10 text templates. It is the group that the text template is assigned to.
  • Description - A description of the text template.
  • Body - The actual body of the text template. As noted above, because of the syntax of the template, it is not recommended to make direct edits to the body via SSMT.
  • Display Order -
  • Access Modules - The TW Module of the text template. For this spreadsheet, it will always be Note, since these are Note Text Templates.
  • Specialty - The associated specialty if a v11 text template.
  • Create - Y/N flag to create a brand new text template.
    *Y - Use to create a brand new text template.
    *N - Use to make an edit to an existing text template.