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The Specimen Source SSMT content category is intended to provide an automated method for building and/or analyzing the Specimen Source dictionary. Once built, the Specimen Source dictionary can be used to create specific source picklists that can be associated with Orderable Items for use with order entry.

Column Listing and Descriptions

  • Entry Code - this is the unique identifier for the specimen source value. Special consideration and planning should be given to potential bidirectional interface requirements. If orders will be interfaced it is best practice to use the identifiers provided by your LIS or vendor to promote integration and automation of these values via interface.
  • Full Name - this is the description and display name of the specimen source value. This is what the use will see on the front end during order entry.
  • Entry Mnemonic - this is a unique identifier for the specimen source value and typically will mirror the entry code value.
  • Inactive? - this is the inactive flag for the specimen source value. Possible values include:
   * Y - for already existing entries this will flag the specimen source as inactive in the system. 
   * N - should be set to this value for creating new entries or re-activating already existing entries.
  • Create? this is the create flag for the specimen source entry. Possible values include:
   * Y - should use this flag is you are attempting to create a new specimen source entry.
   * Blank -  should be left as blank (or even 'N') if you are updating already existing specimen source entries.