SSMT: Task View-Setup

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The Task View-Setup content category is used for editing the configuration of the actual task view. It only contains a few basic rows and can be helpful in moving task views from one environment to another. Because task view names cannot be truly changed, this category can be used to "rename" views by duplicating a row and changing the name cell. The "View Definition" field contains the technical details of the view's filters. BE WARNED: complex task views can max out the excel field and cause major problems during loading. Make sure that parts of the definition string have not been truncated by excel. This category should only be used to edit or move task views with limited numbers of filters.

  • Name: Name of the task view. This will display in the application and is the only unique id for the task view. It cannot be truly changed once it has been saved.
  • Owner: This is the username of the person who created the task view from the front end.
  • View Definition: Technical description of the view. Basically this field displays the database logic for the task view filters. Complex filters can exceed the cell character limit of excel. Be very careful that parts of this string are not truncated during the copy and paste from ssmt into excel.
  • Sort String: Can be used to set the order in which the task views display in the application.
  • Description: Text that displays in the "description" field.
  • Default: Flags that item as the default task view.
  • System View: If Y, this view is an enterprise view and could be assigned to any user. If N, then it will be a person view available only to the owner.
  • Required: If Y, this view will be automatically assigned to all users.
  • Inactive: Allows for the inactivation of task views. If set to Y, the view will be inactivated and it will no longer extract from ssmt. If set to N, then it will continue to be active. Set to N, unless you want it inactivated.
  • Security Code: Allows you to attach a task view to a certain security classification.
  • Create: Set to Y for new entries. Set to N if editing an existing entry.