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This page is a list of known error messages returned from the SSMT tool and their definition.

Error = 80040e07

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e07' [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Error converting data type varchar to numeric

Occurs because the way SSMT is pulling the information from the database is incorrect. Solution is to run IMPgetOrderItem_Latest_11.1.7.sql & IMPsetOrderItem_Latest_11.1.7.sql in Works database (after taking backups of the existing ImpGetOrderItem.prc & ImpSetOrderItem.prc) to correct how SSMT receives the information.

Error = -39079

Error encountered using SSMT 11.x (released 1/27/09)
-39079 was encountered when loading OID_OCD Mapping format and the OCD value was already mapped to a different OID. Only 1 OID can be mapped to an OCD. Even when the "Update OCD" flag was set to 'Y', the record did not load. Attempting to load the record with this column set to 'N' produced no results as well.

Record already exists

This message gets returned when you are trying to insert an entry but it already exists. You can resolve this error by setting the "Create? Flag" to 'N'. When the create flag is set to no, it tells the tool that you're trying to do an update and not attempting to create a new entry.

Multiple Problems Found

This message gets returned when trying to add a problem based favorite but the system can't determine the exact problem. This happens occassionally with common problems such as Obesity.

Invalid Billable Provider

This message was returned while trying to load RID - Resultable Item. The spreadsheet was trying to upload items that did not exist in the environment they were being loaded to, such as Units and Picklist names. Clearly the message does not relate to the type of error.

Invalid Charge Type

This message is returned when attempting to load the User/Provider content category. If the first column is set to "User/Provider" be sure to make sure there are no spaces either preceding or succeeding the "/". Attempting to load "User / Provider" for this value is known to return "Invalid Charge Type".

Invalid Specimen Type

This message is returned when the specimen type column has a specimen type that does not match that which is in the specimen type dictionary. Either the specimen type is missing or the specimen type is plural and should not be or vice versa.

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'OverDueIntervalRoutineUnitsDE', table 'Works.dbo.Order_Defaults'; column does not allow nulls

This message is returned when an overdue interval units (hour, day etc) is set as pleural (hours, days) instead of singular.

SQL Server Error 80004005 Timeout Expired

This message may be returned when incorrectly copying data from the excel spreadsheet into SSMT. Ensure ONLY the data that needs to be loaded is copied, for example, only data through the last header column (i.e. if the header columns end at column AG, then do not copy any blank columns beyond that.)

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IDXAdm Menus Cannot Be Modified

This message will happen every time you upgrade from V10. These are predelivered from Allscripts and therefore will not transfer over during SSMT. This message can be ignored and you may continue loading in SSMT.

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