Scanned document is visible in the chart viewer but errors when attempting to print

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Delete documents from the scan application! For V11 notes documents, invalidate them from EHR by editing the note and right clicking in the white area near the outputs OR from the upper right hand corner of the NAW, click the black carrot to see the invalidate option. The third way is to click into each output, right click anywhere and select invalidate. This option only invalidates individual outputs. Note that the user who is invalidating must have appropriate Security to do so.

Applicable Security Gates and Codes in EHR

  • Document-Invalidate: Controls the ability to invalidate documents Cannot invalidate documents
  • Document-Invalidate-Without-Finalization -Authority: Allows the user to invalidate the note irrespective of Finalization Authority level of the user as compared to the Finalization Authority of the Note.


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