Setup of a new Test Environment which utilizes Pass-Thrus from Production

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In order to better emulate the production environment in the test environment, it is sometimes desireable to "pass" data from the production connectr environment to the "test" environment. In this approach, for inbound interfaces, the source data feeding the production environment is essentially "passed" to the test environment whereabouts the test interface mappings are applied and the data is filed into the test EHR environment.


  1. Restore production ConnectR backup to new test environment ConnectR database.
  2. Transfer SQL logins from production to the new test environment.
  3. Create backup job in the new test environment to emulate those in the production environment. Ensure that backup devices point to the correct place in the new test environment.
  4. Update server definitions to point to the new test environment server name and ODBC.
  5. Update target system definitions which point to the AEEHR test database to use the correct ODBC.
  6. Edit the names and descriptions of the all active systems to be prefixed with “TEST” instead of “LIVE”.
  7. Edit Script Names to be prefixed with “TEST” instead of “LIVE”.
  8. Add Pass-Through Systems in the production environment by copying from production source systems.
    • Change the System Type from "Unsolicited Source" to "Unsolicited Target".
    • Ensure that all subscribing messages in the newly created system are set to "outbound." This may require deletion of the existing message subscriptions in the new system and addition of those same subscriptions.
    • Change the communication attributes of the system to point to the test system.
  9. Add Pass-Through Mappings in the production environment.