Signature Capture Page

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Signature Capture Page

You may access the signatures that have been captured by going to the Signature Capture Page.

Signature Capture: http://SERVER-NAME/touchworks/imps/sigcapture/default.asp

Signature Viewer: http://SERVER-NAME/touchworks/imps/sigcapture/sigviewer.asp

'** Note: the "SERVER-NAME" is the web server for the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

'** Note: if you cannot view either page, it has not been installed. Enter a ticket with Allscripts, or contact Galen for assistance.

'** Web farms: If there is more than one web server, you may connect to the load balancer, or any web server to view this information - the signatures are stored in the database, not on each web server.


You may upload signatures in TWAdmin, under TWUser Admin in v11.

Go to: TWAdmin > TWUserAdmin > Provider Detail II. Under here, you will see an ellipsis. Click on it and upload the signature.