Stim Set Tips and Tricks

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  • On the UMP login page, “action login” is the appropriate place to login to, which is located under the “client login” tab
  • If unable to import (e.g. a message will pop-up stating the org has already been imported) the desired Org AND that org starts with a 3 or a 0, enter a SF case for AHS to fix this.
  • When adding Measures to a provider, the Channel MUST be selected first. If the measures are selected first, they will be removed once the Channel is selected. Also note that if the Channel is not selected at all, then an error message will result when attempting to save those measures for the provider.
  • Make sure to use IE when logging in as other browsers do weird things to the UMP.

Immunization Registry

  • In order to transmit an immunization from EHR (once the config has been completed) the end users MUST fill out the “consent to transmit” field. This field is grayed out when the immunization is “recorded”, but available when the immunization is appropriately ordered and administered.
  • The reason why an outbound message (to immunization registry) might not be created after doing an immunization admin is because the print server may not be configured to allow outbound messaging.
  • If no messages in the queue, confirm that the organization has been registered by the stim set tech in the Immunization Registry HUB

Population Health (As of V11.4.1, referred to as Patient Query)

  • When running a Pop Health Query, it will take longer than “a few minutes” as the instructions indicate. Please note that it will appear to stop at 50%, but after about 10 min the query will complete and a pop up message will indicate that there are X number of patients ready to be pushed to the database.
  • Org level Pop Health queries can be created, however the list must first be set up under TWAdmin>Pt List Admin (it should also be assigned to a user) before it will be available to associate to Pop Health.

Menu Measures

In order to meet Menu Measure 21: Performing medication reconciliation when receiving a patient from another setting of care…the system must know that the encounter was for a transition of care (TOC) at the time of the reconciliation (when the reconcile button is pushed). The only way to accomplish this is to ensure that the TOC column on the daily and provider schedules is available for the providers to check when they are on the receiving end of a new patient and/or to mark an Appointment Type/Encounter as TOC in the dictionary.

Stimulus Admin

  • CQM measures, once associated with Providers in the UMP, have no bearing on running Stimulus Reports. Stimulus reports are associated with Menu Measures.
  • When running stimulus reports, please note that there will be many steps to the process (usually around 30ish and these steps will not appear to be decreasing until you refresh using the link to the right.
  • There may be several places on the Stimulus reports where the words “not reporting” are clearly visible with a red unhappy face. Most of these are Yes/No attestations and there are Yes/No radio buttons next to the measure. Click “yes” to attest and the red face will change as will the status.


  • While an org may choose not to use ARN, it is imperative that it be installed in order to use the Download Chart functionality that is required to meet Menu Measure 11: Provide patients with an electronic copy of their chart