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Symptoms are located in Note Admin under the "symptom" tab. This available list of symptoms corresponds to the "chief complaints" that the end users selects from when starting a new note. Symptoms are synonymous with chief complaints. The list of symptoms in Note Admin also correspond to the HPI:Symptom forms that show up under the forms tab.

The buttons under the symptoms tab include:

  • New - Used to activate new symptoms
  • Edit - Used to edit the properties of existing symptoms
  • Copy - Used to copy one symptom to another
  • Publish - Used to make new symptoms available to the end user or to update existing symptoms

Although there is a short list of symptoms that are available to end users, there are many more that can be activated by an admin. To activate new symptoms, do the following:

1. Click "new"
2. Enter a "search" term or "browse" to select symptoms based on body system. Note that any symptom in red is already an active symptom
3. Once the symptom opens, click through and add details as applicable, making sure that the details selected make sense for the symptom being activated (e.g. if the symptom is epistaxis, then "radiation" does not apply)
4. Click "ok" then "publish" the new symptom
5. Once published, a new HPI:Symptom form will be created