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  • Typing directly on a free text box from note admin allows the user to read the entire body of text, as well as add additional information to the text. If using this set up however, the text always renders so make sure that is what is needed before using this approach.
  • When tab ordering noteforms, the tab order frequently starts back over at 0 before reaching the end of the noteform. To finish tab ordering appropriately, allow the system to start over with the numbering, then copy, cut and paste back onto the noteform everything from the point the numbering started over (at 0) to the end of the page. This action forces the system to renumber appropriately.
  • Increasing the font size on a noteform control to larger than a 9 point font will cause the free text entry spaces to disappear, so try not to go larger than 9 point Arial.
  • Making the noteform background too wide will, in some cases cause the words to be cut off of the users screen instead of creating a situation where the user would have to scroll right and left.
  • In V11.4.1 detail and subforms are now able to be tested with in the parent noteform in test mode without first publishing the forms. This is a change to prior functionality where those forms needed to be published before they could be tested within the parent noteform.


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