Text templates not available in certain note sections

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When a text template has been created for use within a note section, but is not available to select from, the form (that the text template box lives in) may need to be added as a new form within the desired note section. Under TWAdmin > Note Admin > Forms follow these steps:
1. Hit "new"
2. Form Type = "miscellaneous"
3. Select desire note section
4. Enter a description
5. Select specialties to be added
6. Form Name = Text Template
7. Display Name = (You decide)
8. Select Age/Sex if appropriate
9. Select Ok
10. The form builder workspace will now open, select "text template"
11. Either select "ok" when the box opens with the list of available text templates OR select the desired text template which will be the default for that text template box.
12. Save the changes.


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