TouchWorks Dictate Setup

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Setting Upload Destination

  1. In the Works database, execute the SQL in SQL in Find Site Config Entries below. The resulting records will provide the listed directory path of the upload destination relative to the web server (see string_col column).
  2. Verify that the directory listed exists (relative to the web server).
  3. If a correction is necessary, the following SQL Update can be used to change the value:
    USE Works UPDATE Site_Config SET string_col='[REPLACE W/UPLOAD PATH]' WHERE Type='ReceiveData'
    Warning: this will update all entries. Some sites may have different desired paths. Example '[REPLACE W/UPLOAD PATH]' may be a UNC network path like '\\transcriptionserver\dictations\', or a local file location, like 'C:\Dictations\'
  4. Next, we must verify that the dictate processes are running with proper permissions. To do this view the Manage Computer console (right-click My Computer and select Manage). Drill down into Services and Applications >> Internet Information Services (IIS) >> Web Sites >> Default Web Site. This screen will present a list of Web Site services, scan the list and you should find 'TrxWeb'.
  5. Right-click on TrxWeb and select Properties, and select the Directory Security tab.
  6. On the Directory Security tab, press the Edit button under Authentication and access control. Important: please ensure that the username (including domain, in some cases) and password is correct and has permissions to read and write files to the location that you set in the SQL UPDATE statement. There should be a "service" account for the domain in WebFirst. Hit Ok and verify the password. Click Ok.
  7. Return to the Manage Computer console. Drill down into Services and Applications >> Internet Information Services (IIS) >> Application Pool. Identify TrxWebPool from the list and Right-click. Select Recycle.
  8. Test the configuration. Close all open sessions of TouchWorks. Open the destination directory specified in step 3. Log back into Touchworks and using Dictation toolbar, test a dictation, and confirm that a xml and wav file are produced in the destination directory.

Find Site Config Entries

USE Works SELECT * FROM Site_Config WHERE Type='ReceiveData'

-- Or this more informational/complex query:
SELECT o.Name, sd.EntryName, sc.SITE_ID, sc.STRING_COL
FROM Site_Config sc
INNER JOIN Organization o ON o.ID = sd.OrganizationID
WHERE Type='ReceiveData'
ORDER BY o.Name, sd.EntryName

Configuring Dictate with XSL

  1. Place the XSL stylesheet in the directory path of the upload destination. This can be found using the following SQL:
    USE Works SELECT * FROM Site_Config WHERE Type='ReceiveData'
  2. On the web server, select Start >> Run and type regedit. Drill down into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Allscripts >> Box and either create a new (string value) key or modify (right-click) an existing key named XML Transformation, and set the data to the name of the XSL file that you wish to use. *Note: do not include directory/path information - just the name of the .xsl file.