Upgrade Timeline and Dependencies

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The upgrade is divided into Phases. Phase 1 consists of all of the components of Enterprise V11/Allscripts EHR except for V11 note. Your users will be able to go-live on V11 while still using their V10 note; V11 note will be configured and rolled out in Phase 2. Below is a rough timeline of what to expect with dependencies in bold italics. When discussing the upgrade timeline with your account manager it is important to understand that the initial timeline is a tentative timeline based on everything running smoothly. There are times when there are hardware issues or a critical upgrade issue that could affect your timeline and proposed go-live date.

Initial Engagement with your Account Manager

  • Establish Contract
  • Hardware to be used is in place in both Test and Live for V11
  • Infrastructure Certification Process - The ICP is a process where Allscripts runs some performance tests on your system and reviews you current server environment to ensure that you have the system requirements needed to successfully run v11. The Allscripts resource completing the ICP will prepare a report that will outline any areas that need to be addressed (if any) before moving forward with the upgrade. If there are action items from the ICP, these must be completed 30 days prior to the live upgrade
  • Customization Review - An Allscripts resource will review any customizations that have been built for your system to determine if they are still necessary in V11 and if so, how to carry them over to your new test system.
  • Pre-Call Approximately 2 months prior to the test upgrade, a Project Manager from the Upgrade team will be assigned to the project and will conduct a Pre-Upgrade Call. This call will provide a high level overview of the upgrade project, review of client team requirements and project milestones.
  • Education Prerequisites - The account manager will provide the client team with the Allscripts education calender in order to get scheduled for your prerequisite training. We recommend attending your in-person education classes within a month of your on-site configuration week so that the information is fresh.Allscripts requires V11 Upgrade training prior to the beginning of the test upgrade

Work with your Upgrade Team

  • Phase 1
    • System Certification
    • Technical Call - (One week prior to the Intro Call) This call is conducted in order to: Review Action Items from Health Check call, Review Upgrade Questionnaire, Review Environment Diagram (Current and Future), Review Results from System Certification, Review Interfaces, Final discussion to allow Account Manager to create SOW
    • Intro Call (2-3 Weeks Prior to test upgrade, 1 week prior to the Tollgate call) - This call is conducted in order to introduce the members of the Upgrade team, to establish a time for regular weekly meetings over the course of the project, review any action items from the technical call, ensure a plan is in place for the project team to attend required training, review the contract and statement of work, to conduct a technical review, and outline a tentative timeline for the project
    • Project Team Education - Project team education is required prior to test upgrade.
    • Tollgate 1 Call - The Tollgate call must occur prior to the Test Upgrade The tollgate one call is the go/no go call for the Test upgrade. We will review any action items that are unresolved, any software/hardware changes that need to be in place for the test upgrade to occur, ensure that a full system backup is taken prior to the test upgrade, confirm on-site timeline for configuration, sign off on the project plan, review testing strategy & issue reporting.
    • Copy of Environment and Test Upgrade - (2 weeks before onsite visit) Prior to the Test Upgrade, project team education must be complete, any show-stoppers identified on the tollgate call must be addressed and a complete system backup must been completed. The Copy of Environment and Test upgrade will take approximately 2 weeks.
    • Configuration on-site visit - (1 Week) The Upgrade Consultant will visit the client site for one week and meet with the project team to review the Build Workbook (BW), review the configuration tasks and build work necessary for the upgrade and to determine a plan for configuration. The Upgrade consultant will also review your current workflows against the certified V11 workflows to determine if there are any major gaps to resolve, changes to be made or if additional workflow testing will be needed.
    • Build/Configuration - (5-7 weeks, including onsite week) - The project team will spend at least 5 weeks configuring a V11 system that works best for your organization and end-users.
    • Testing (6-7 weeks) - The Project team will test the V11 system and configuration using both a Smoke Test and your certified workflows to ensure everything is working properly. Any issues uncovered during testing will be logged into SupportForce and the Upgrade Team will assist with resolving those issues. Concurrent with testing, your education team will be developing a plan for end user training.
    • Phase 1 Go-Live Planning (Begin planning 4 weeks prior to Go-Live) - The two teams will work together to develop the go-live playbook; including a detailed plan for the week prior to go-live and go-live weekend. 2 weeks prior to go-live the plan should be reviewed by both teams and finalized.
    • Phase 1 End User Training (3-4 weeks depending on size of organization) Configuration must be complete prior to end-user training. We recommend planning end-user training to occur as close to go-live as possible in order to ensure that the information is fresh in the minds of the users. This way if anything should occur in the upgrade process that affects the go-live date you may be able to postpone your end-user training to be in line with the revised go-live date.
    • Phase 1 Go-Live - The Upgrade Consultant will travel to the client site for the go-live weekend. The Upgrade Tech will upgrade your live system and the Upgrade Consultant will work to move all of the configuration built in the test system over to the live system. The Upgrade Consultant will stay on site Monday through Wednesday of Go-live week to troubleshoot any issues that may arise post go-live and to provide support to the project team.
    • Phase 1 Transition to Support - After Go-Live, support for Enterprise V11/ Allscripts EHR will transfer from the Upgrade team to support. The Upgrade team will continue to work with you on the implementation and roll-out strategy for note.
  • Phase 2
    • Note Configuration (Pilot group)
    • Note Testing (Pilot Group)
    • Note Final Issue Resolution (Pilot Group)
    • Note Go-Live Planning
    • Note Go-Live (Pilot Group)
    • Note Transition to Support
    • Note Roll out to other users.