V10 Assessment Questions

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Version Information

  • To exit TouchWorks I can simply click the X in the upper right hand box. True or False
  • The menu option I select on the Vertical Toolbar changes the tabs displayed along the Horizontal Toolbar. True or False
  • The “Lock” button on the TouchWorks Toolplace locks: a. The computer b. The TouchWorks Session c. None d. Both
  • The resume the locked session a. Only the person who locked the session can unlock b. Any user can exit the session and log off TouchWorks to log in c. My options are only to Resume the session d. Any user enter their user name and password to unlock the session
  • To search for a patient the minimum number of characters required of the last name is: a. 3 b. 1 c. 4 d. 2
  • Select the search options available when searching for a patient. A. DOB B. First Name C. Phone Number D. SSN
  • If a patient has been marked “deceased” they will no longer appear in the search results. True or False
  • Select the allergy statuses you may potentially see displayed in the patient banner. A. Yes B. No C. Unknown D. Allergy status do not display in the Patient Banner
  • The FYI field is a permanent part of the patient’s medical record. True or False


  • By selecting the Sunday through Saturday tabs on the schedule the user can move from one week to the next. True or False
  • The AM, PM and Totals displayed on the schedule are for the date selected. True or False
  • When the note icon appears on the schedule it indicates that the note is final. True or False
  • An end user can personalize their schedule so when they double click on a patient is performs a certain action. True or False


  • Select information a user will see displayed on the snapshot page. A. active problems b. immunizations c. medications d. tasks
  • Allergies can be added or modified from A. Snapshot Tab B. Chartviewer Tab C. Problems Tab D. Vitals Tab
  • From the snapshot page you can print (circle all that apply) A. Problem List B. Orders C. Reprint an Rx D. Allergy List


  • All "system" generated tasks are "go to" tasks True or False
  • Verify Results Tasks only appear on the patient's worklist True or False


  • The end user is required to indicate whether they want the prescription to Print or go Retail True or False
  • A patient's allergies are not checked in the system when an Rx is created True or False