V11.1.1 Touchworks Picklists

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Picklists are short lists of selectable items within TouchWorks - presented to the user as drop down lists.


Picklists are made up of defined values from dictionaries. Picklists can be created for:

  • Vitals, in order to establish which Vitals are available/selectable for a vitals view.

Creating Vital Picklists

  • Requested Performing Location, in order to establish which performing locations are available for particular orderable items.

Creating a picklist for Requested Performing Location

  • Communication Methods, in order to establish a set of communication methods connected to an orderable item. For example, creating a communication picklist for prescriptions will include all of the ways a physician may communicate that order (Call in Rx, Write Rx, Fax Rx etc.)

Creating Communication Picklists