V11.1.7 Enhancement List

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After each module affected you will see the type of change, details about the change and whether or not the workflows are affected:

  • ACI - Dialog Box; Display; Favorites list can be made easier to manage by changing the Specialties Favorites list to a two-part drop-down list, with the most recently-used specialties at the top; No
  • ACI - Clinical Desktop Toolbar; Functionality; 1) ACI Desktop buttons now include drop-down menus for each of the main tabs in the ACI; 2) User can personalize each button to navigate to a specific tab on the ACI; 3) New buttons (clinician choice and problem-based orders) have been added which can be personalized to navigate to the ACI tab of your choice; 4) New Buttons: Chief Complaint & Other Shortcuts have been added to toolbar; No
  • ACI - Right Click Features; Functionality; New Right-click context menu items to match those available in the Clinical Desktop; No
  • ACI - Search Results; Display; 1) As many search result entries starting with the selected letter as technically possible will display on the page; 2) Search results can be displayed in single or multi-column format; No
  • Immunization Charges; Functionality; 1) The ability to automatically create charges for med admin and immunization administrations; 2) Separate charge codes can be configured for the initial adm vs. addtl administrations; Yes
  • Batch Sign; Functionality; 1) Eliminates the need to open and close a separate window for each note; 2) Body of note appears in the workspace; 3) Provider can now complete a review document task simply by clicking done; No
  • First Fill; Functionality; 1) Medication inventory indicator displays for medications that the organization has in inventory; 2) Organizations can set the default Rx action to Dispense when the medication is in inventory; 3) Final disposition action is recorded on the audit tab of the medication detail page; Possibly
  • Results Verification - Worklist; Functionality; 1) Improved results activity display; 2) Ability to hire the grid header on results activites; 3) Ability to expand and restore tree level nodes for results activities; 4) Ability to use review/review all action menu items; 6) Filer and sort options; No
  • Order/Results Viewer; Functionality; Ability to use Qverify, Verify and Review action items in viewer; No
  • Results Verification Dialog; Functionality; 1) Option to default the Append Staff Message to Task Comment checkbox to checked; 2) Option to disable the TO/CC button on the Results Verification page; No
  • Results Verification Preference Settings; Preference Settings; The ability to set preference settings for the Verify AND Qverify actions;Yes - Results Verification
  • Results Verification Carbon Copy; Functionality; Ability to carbon copy a provider when another provider verifies their results; Yes - Results Verification
  • Medication Administration; Functionality; Medicare and Medicaid require that NDC codes be submitted on Med Admin chargeable items; No
  • Calendar; Functionality; 1) Time period text insert option of "with next appointment" has been added to make lab results available with the patient's next appointment; 2) The interval and jump functions are now separate controls; 3) Today button is now grouped with the jump controls; 5) new date text controls have been added; 6) Year slider control has been changed into a drop-down list; 7) Saturday and Sundays appear in blue; 8) You must click OK to apply date or time period selected; 9) Current date and time is displayed and date you have specified before you select OK; 10) Includes clock icon for quicker entry of times, the Now button enables you to enter the current time with just one click; Yes - Orders