V11.2 Workflow Changes

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(C) Check-In

  • Front Desk updates patient profile in EHR

1. Clinical Alerts

2. HIPAA Directives

3. Medical History Consent

4. Language, Race and Ethnicity

5. Patient Preferred Communication

6. Rx Benefit Plan

7. Default Pharmacy Info

(E) Intake Process

  • Smoking Status in Social History

(F1) Chart Review

  • After provider selects patient: Provider reviews today's encounter summary and addresses alerts as appropriate
  • Smoking Status in Social History

(G) Note

  • Clinical Summary is set up to auto-print default once note is finalized

(H2)Medication Reconciliation

  • Entered in Error
  • Unverified Med

1. Add

2. Remove

Chart Request (net new workflow)

Chart Request Visio

Exchange Key Clinical Information (net new workflow)

Exchange Key Clinical Information Visio

Population Health Management (net new workflow)

Pop Health Mgmt Visio

Provide Electronic Copy (net new workflow)

Provide Electronic Copy

Submit Electronic Syndromic Survelliance (net new workflow)

Submit ESS Visio