VitalCenter Web Access Help

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VitalCenter Web Access Quick Reference Guide

Accessing VitalCenter through the via the WEB allows the user to access the majority of the VitalCenter functionality that is available in the desktop application

Selecting a VitalChart for an existing encounter

Users have the ability to select a provider's schedule and bring a patient's VitalChart into context.

Selecting VitalChart Appointment.JPG

Creating a VitalNote

VitalNote functionality allows users create documentation during a downtime event. The resulting note will be uploaded to Enterprise EHR.

VCWA Start VitalNote.JPG

VCWA Save VitalNote.JPG

On-Demand VitalCharts

VitalCenter On-Demand allows users to obtain a VitalChart for a patient who is not on the schedule. This functionality requires a connection to the VitalCenter Server, so it will not be available when the network is down

VCWA On-Demand.JPG