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Webcast details

We will be reviewing the new S2V, Speed to Value, methodology for version 11.4 upgrade. In 11.4: The Adventure webcast will include requirements and expectations for the 4 phases. Also included will be basic ICD-10 compliance information as well as the important role for the Problem Mapping Tool.

Originally aired: Friday, August 2, 2013 Presenters: Stacey Murdic and Becky Matias

Webcast materials

Download slideshow Presented 8/2/2013


Q. Does the system have the capability to have the end user see the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes that have been mapped without having the ICD-10 turned on to force them to pick ICD-10 codes but continue using ICD-9 until ready to turn on ICD10 coding?

A. It does not really show the mapping that occurred. The change will just occur when the Problem Mapping Tool is applied on Go Live weekend. The only time that the provider/clinical staff member will be prompted to convert an unmapped problem is if they select that problem to be used with an Order/Rx or a charge. Best practice recommendation is to incorporate the manual conversion of problems to the clinical staff intake workflow. Meaning that they would convert, if possible, during the chart review process. Keep in mind that some problems require clinical correlation before being converted because the IMO term is much more specific than the Medcin term. I recommend turning on both ICD-9 and 10 to be viewable.

Q. We are on v11.2.3 HF6 going to HF8 in 2 weeks. We have DLC Local and the downloaded chart does not file back down to the Chart Viewer as indicated in the ADBR. When we upgrade to 11.4.1 will the downloaded chart file back down to the patient chart in TWEHR?

A. I did not know the answer to this one, but Client Connect had this helpful discussion. There is a thread regarding the differences between DLC Local and DLC lite. Lite is the version that is supposed to show a copy in the chart, however, there are some other differences to consider as well.[1]

Q. Will you be sending your slideshow to participants in today's meeting?

A. The slide deck is posted above.

Q. Allscripts is stating that now that 11.4.1 is generally available. All clients must go to that version directly. Are therer timelines for that process?

A. As far as we have been informed the timelines for upgrade are the same. However, with 11.4.1 having just recently become generally available that remains to be seen. Another consideration is that version 11.4 is ICD-10 compliant,but 11.4.1 will include the Meaningful Use 2 certification. The timeline will depend on a combination of organizational resources assigned as well as the level of Meaningful Use 2 configuration work/testing that needs to be accomplished.

Q. Is there available training documentation for 11.4 through Allscripts or does it need to be created from scratch?

A. Of course Galen Healthcare Solutions is available to develop, design and/or deliver training to meet the needs of your organization. However, I suggest speaking to your Allscripts Upgrade Manager and Implementation Consultant for some direction as well. There are quite a few options here. I always used to create my own PowerPoints for training demonstrating workflow. With that being said, there is a lot to train for with this upgrade. Perhaps splitting it into two session- one for Meaningful Use and one for ICD-10 training. The ICD-10 training could include more than just the workflow to convert problems manually, but could also be expanded to actual code training for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Another option is elearning courses, but I did not see an offering for 11.4 of yet. Here is the link though. Client Connect[2]

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