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Brief definitions are listed below. If there is more detailed information available or needed about a particular item, then there will be a link either from the acronym or form the real term to a page with that information.

  • CG CareGuides , Allscripts term. A large set of templates created by Allscripts for Touchworks for common medical conditions including diseases, injuries and health maintenance.
  • CIS Clinical Information System, industry word. Generic term used to describe the software programs designed to capture manage and analyze health care data.
  • CPOE Computerized Physician Order Entry, industry term. The electronic entry by a physician of treatment instructions for patients under his or her care. These orders are communicated over a computer network to medical staff or departments responsible for fulfilling the order.
  • CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
  • EHR – Electronic Health Record, industry term. A patient’s medical record in a digital format. Owned and controlled by the provider.
  • EMR – Electronic Medical Record, industry term. A patient’s medical record in a digital format.
  • CPT4 - Current Procedural Terminology, 4th Edition, medical term. A standardized set of codes established by the American Medical Association to identify medical procedures performed and for billing purposes.
  • HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, legal and medical term. Relates to the legal act of 1996.
  • HMP – Health Management Plan, Allscripts Term – this is a component of the Clinical Desktop within Touchworks. It is a workspace for reviewing current orders, meds, order reminders, alerts and results for active problems
  • HTB – Horizontal Tool Bar the menu bar that appears horizontally across the screen.
  • KB – Allscripts Knowledge Base, Allscripts term – the knowledge base is an online resource created by Allscripts as a resource tool to support Touchworks users.
  • PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication System – used to exchange medical images over a network (X-rays, ultrasound etc.)
  • PAT – Physician Administration tool
  • PCP- Primary Care Provider
  • PHR –Personal Health Record –owned and controlled by the patient
  • RID – Resultable Item Dictionary
  • RCD – Results Concept Dictionary
  • RTI-
  • ROI – Return on Investment
  • SIG –
  • SSMT – Starter Set Migration Tool – this is a tool used to move items from test to live
  • TW – Touchworks
  • TWPM – Touchworks Practice Management
  • VPN –Virtual Private Network
  • VTB – Vertical Tool Bar – The tool Bar that runs up and down the screen, usually on the left hand side
  • XML