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CareGuides were built in v11 TouchWorks EHR as a better, more efficient way for providers to place orders for a patient based on a specific diagnosis. Prior to v11, Quick Sets were used in a similar fashion. CareGuides allow providers to quickly and effectively create a "Plan of Care" for a specific problem while at the same time creating the desired Health Management Plan for the patient.

  • Note: For versions up to 11.1.7 CareGuides cannot be moved from test to production. Therefore, clients are only activating them in production.

Implementation Approaches

Prior to implementing CareGuides, OID to OCD mapping must be complete. Allscripts has a mapping tool called the Careguide Enablement Tool which is used specifically for mapping those orderable items contained in delivered CareGuides to their associated orderable concepts.

  • For groups who favor standardization they take them out of the box therefore there is no need to activate them in increments.
  • For groups who want to modify them implement them in increments. This requires a great deal of time to review and receive input by providers or the champion physician. One approach is to take your top ICD9 billable codes and review/edit each Care Guide associated with them. Ensure that the build of OID are completed for these, as opposed to requiring the entire OID/OCD build is complete.
  • For those groups who are really ambitious, they are making theirs from scratch for specific diagnoses.
  • Some groups elect to activate all the delivered CareGuides for only the patient education and instructions portions.


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