Authorize Order Tasks not in Patient Worklist

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Authorize Order tasks that were created prior to the V11 Upgrade will appear in the Task List, but will not be present in the Patient Worklist.

  1. Below is a screen-shot of the Task list including an Authorize Order
    Task list.jpg
  2. Double-click the Authorize Order task, the Clinical Desktop will then be presented:
    If the Authorize Order was created prior to the V11 upgrade, the task will not be located in Patient Worklist.
  3. To authorize the order, change the second drop-down menu within the Current Meds/Orders module to select “Status”
  4. Scroll down to the section of unauthorized orders
  5. Right click on the unauthorized order, and select Authorize

Note: In limited testing, the authorize option was grayed out when the order was under Unauthorized – Requires Authorization, but orders in Unauthorized – Requires Signature, no issues were encountered