E-Referrals Review and What’s New

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Webcast Details

Considerations, configuration, testing, & demo from Galen SMEs who have implemented eReferrals.

Originally aired: Friday, April 24, 2015 Presenters: Crystal Vervaecke and Laura Gold

Webcast Materials

e-Referrals Review and What's New pdf

Q & A

Q. Does the SOC Acknowledgement task mean that the item was received by the recipient? Or just that it got to the HISP?

A. The receipt of a SOC Acknowledgement Task means that the Summary of Care record was successfully sent to the HISP.

Q. Can you send e-Referrals to a team of providers? For example, a group of specialists.

A. Yes, you can send e-Referrals to a Group Entity if they have a designated 'Group' Direct ID Adddress to send an e-Referral to. In our Referring Provider Dictionary you would mark the entry as "Is Practice" and enter the Group address in the Direct ID Field.

Q. For providers who practice at multiple facilities and have different direct ID's what is the best practice for adding multiple entries in the referring provider dictionary?

A. You can always add in more than one Direct ID, however the one that is set to default it the one that will be used during the referral process.

Q. When adding the provider as a recipient, there is no option to select the direct ID you wish to send to if the provider has multiple locations. What would the suggested best practice in this scenario be??

A. You can set up the provider twice with their different direct ID’s. However, this would leave the burden on to the user to look and find the right provider and direct ID when setting up the referral which can be cumbersome.