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If CMT is being used to move Note Templates and Note Forms, it can cause issues with duplicate Note Templates being created and note sections being reordered and/or removed. These are all known issues and here are a couple of suggestions to fix the issue and/or prevent the issues:

  • Check with Allscripts to see if they have a stored procedure to fix CMT.
  • Verify that the correct version of CMT is being used
  • If a duplicate Note Template has been created, go into the duplicate, remove all of the specialties, save and then inactivate.
  • Ensure that a description is defined on each input template as this is the description that will show in CMT, which will help identify the note template.
  • Avoid moving Note Templates to the Target System, if the template already exists in the Target System (Note that as long as the template does not have existing patient data associated with it, then the template can be deleted prior to moving the new one).
  • When moving only Note Forms, create a Dummy Note Template, add your forms to it and then only move that Dummy Template, as often times CMT will not allow you to just move the Note Forms.
  • Limit the number of Note Forms that are being moved with a Template to avoid errors (Note that the standard number to move at a given time is 10)
  • If moving Note Templates that contain custom note sections, create the note section in the Target system PRIOR to moving the Note Template to avoid errors
  • Always confirm that the templates and/or noteforms have moved appropriately.

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