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Q: Where can I find a list of all available CareGuides?

  • A list of CareGuides, in an Excel Spreadsheet, is available on the Allscripts Knowledge Base. Go to V11 Resources>Clinical Content>CareGuide Templates and click on CareGuide Templates List.

Q: Can I use CareGuides to print the Patient Instructions and Monograph only, if I am not using Orders?

  • You need Orders implemented to use the instructions and precautions - These are orderable items. If a Careguide is associated with a problem that is assessed with an encounter, you can print the monograph without using orders. The monograph is the only part of the Careguide that can be printed without utilizing Orders. The steps to print the monograph are:
    • Assess the associated problem
    • Right-click an item and choose "Include Monograph in Patient Education Printout".
    • Commit Data
    • Choose the CareGuide Patient monographs checkbox and click the Print Pt ed. button.

Q: Can I reprint CareGuide Monographs or Patient instructiors from a previous encounter weeks after the appointment?

  • Yes. Follow these steps:
    • Put the Appointment Encounter from the date the patient was in the office into context (this is most commonly done via the Encounter tab on the Clinical Desktop)
    • Double-click the Appointment Encounter from the Encounters tab OR open the Encounter Summary window.
    • Choose the CareGuide Patient Instructions or CareGuide Patient Monographs checkboxes.
    • Click the Print Pt. Ed button.
    • Fill-in printer information in the Print Dialog window and click OK.

Q: Can We edit CareGuides in the test environment and then move our edited customized Careguides into Production?

  • Yes, You can copy CareGuides from the test environment to the production environment using CMT (Content Management Tool) v2.1(born on date 2/9/2010)

Q: What Version or Release of CareGuides do I have?

  • To Identify the CareGuide Version/Release installed in your system.
    • Login to TWAdmin
    • Phys Admin
    • CareGuide Template Management
    • Look at the Release Date in the Care Guide Grid to determine the Release Date (Version)

Q: How do I Remove Items from a CareGuide Template?


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