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  • This estimated effort is based on 50 physician multi-specialty organization.
  • It is intended to give a ballpark of effort involved and the numbers serve as estimates only.
  • It does not necessarily scale linearly with number of providers or specialties.
  • The effort only addresses four categories of effort – implementation, technical, interface and training.
  • Categories of effort not addressed include project management, systems configuration and deployment, networking configuration and deployment, hardware (including desktop) deployment, and helpdesk and on-going support.
Criteria Threshold Module Delivered in AE-EHR Y/N Typical EHR Phase Implementation Effort Interface Effort Technical Effort Training Total
1 Electronically enter all orders for medications, laboratory, imaging and referrals. 80% of all patients Order N III 220 100 80 400
2 Implement drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug- formulary checks. 100% Base Y I
3 Maintain an up-to-date problem list. 80% of all patients Base N I 100 80 40 220
4 ePrescribe 75% of all permissible prescriptions RX+ Y II 40 40 80
5 Maintain active medication list. 80% of all patients RX+ N II 120 20 140
6 Maintain active medication allergy list. 80% of all patients Base N I 80 20 100
7 Record patient demographics (including race/ethnicity/language). 80% of all patients Base Y I 50 50
8 Record vitals signs for those age 2 and older, calculate BMI, and plot growth charts for children 2-20. 80% of all patients Base Y I 80 20 100
9 Record smoking status for patients 13 years old and older. 80% of all patients Note N II
10 Incorporate clinical lab-test results into EHR as structured data. 50% of all lab results Result N II 100 70 40 210
11 Generate lists of patients by specific conditions to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, research, and outreach. N/A Base N I 60 40 100
12 Report ambulatory quality measures to CMS or State N/A N 160 200 20 380
13 Send preventive/follow-up care reminders. 50% of patients over 50 years old Base N I
14 Implement five clinical decision support rules relevant to specialty or high clinical priority and track compliance N/A Base N I
15 Check insurance eligibility electronically from public and private payers 80% of all patients Base Y I 40 20 60
16 Submit claims electronically to public and private payers. 80% of all patients Charge N III 50 50
17 Provide patients with an electronic copy of their test results, problem list, medications, and allergies Within 48 hours for 80% of those requesting Base/Result/Rx+ N II
18 Provide patients with timely electronic access to their lab results, problem list, medications, and allergies 10% of patients Base/Result/Rx+/Patient Portal N II 200 40 240
19 Provide clinical summaries to patients for each office visit. 80% all office visits Multiple N
20 Electronically exchange problem list, medication list, allergies, and diagnostic test results among providers of care and patient authorized entities. Test and demonstrate Multiple N
21 Perform medication reconciliation 80% of relevant visits or care transitions Rx+ N II
22 Provide summary care record for each transition of care and referral. 80% of care transitions and referrals Multiple N 60 40 100
23 Submit electronic data to immunization registries and actual submission where required and accepted. Test and demonstrate Base N I 40 120 160
24 Provide electronic syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies. Test and demonstrate N/A N 150 150
25 Conduct or review a security risk analysis for protecting patient privacy. 100% N/A Y

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