V11.2 Meaningful Use Enhancements

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Below are highlights of the enhancements with v11.2

  • eRx reporting tool - a new eRx message type will be included in transactions sent to the Rx Switch. This will allow reporting on all medications, including medications and immunizations administered during a patient visit.
  • Meaningful Use Change - reconciliation indicator will be placed in a more prominent position to improve the workflow.
  • Meaningful Use Change - new program to communicate with State and Regional Immunization registries.
  • Meaningful Use Change - new feature would allow providers to intentionally document that the patient has no active problems.
  • Meaningful Use Change - the ability to indicate which appointment and encounter types are considered transitions of care.
  • Meaningful Use Change - one space to consolidate alerts and take action on ongoing alerts.
  • Meaningful Use Change - race and ethnicity have been added as data elements.
  • Meaningful Use Change - an ability for the EHR to automatically create order reminders, tasks, and patient communications for health management needs, based on query results for defined population groups of patients.
  • Meaningful Use Change - auto export of CED will be leveraged and enhanced.
  • Meaningful Use Change - a reminder icon will be included in the provider schedule to help ensure a clinical summary is provided for each arrived appointment.
  • Meaningful Use Change - customizable Provider Alerts.

This is an abbreviated list of the v11.2 enhancements, however this should highlight the changes put in place to meet Meaningful Use criteria.

Other v11.2 Changes

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