Review Step by Step Protocols: Configuration/Workflow Changes

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Review Step By Step Protocols: Configuration/Workflow Changes

The first step in your upgrade process should be to ensure that you have reviewed all configuration and workflow changes that have been released since your current version that you are running. The best place to review these would be in SalesForce, Knowledge Base Articles, and then choose the release version you are looking for and search for the ABDR (Application Build and Design Resource).


The ABDR will outline all release notes and will help you determine if we need to configure and alter your workflow documentation to better prepare for your 11.2 upgrade. It is important to note that the ABDR is constantly being updated for the current upgrade version and may not always pertain to your product.

Examples of past release notes will pertain to setting up your system for V11 Note and all Health Information Exchange programs. Certain mapping will need to be done to manage your v10 Note to v11 Note as well as configuration updates to the text templates.

This review step is also a very important step to reviewing your current workflows. This will give you the opportunity to outline out of date workflows as well as to highlight difficult areas that will run much more smooth with this 11.2 upgrade.

Technical and Interface configuration changes will be outlined with your Technical and Interface Analysts and will not be performed by your Upgrade Consultant during the upgrade process.

Outlined in your intial project plans for this upgrade will also have you reviewing the RIL (Resolved Issues List)and the KIL (Known issues list). The most up-to-date RIL/KIL are found in SalesForce under 11.2 Documentation.

Lastly, the next step is to review the Meaningful Use Step-by-Step Protocols that outline how Meaningful Use can be obtained within the Allscripts product. Your project manager will ensure that you have access to these documents.

Examples of v11.2 Workflow Changes

Return to V 11.x to V11.2 Build Activity Workbook (BAW)

Return to V10 to V11.2 Build Workbook (BW)