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Wiki Contribution

Things you shouldn't do in articles

  • Mention patient or client names
  • Display client connection information or username and password information
  • Post confidential or private information of any type
  • State something negative about another company or person
  • Use inappropriate or vulgar language

Tips on writing articles

  • Write in the style of a manual
  • Use an impertive voice, instead of first person
    • ex. Use: "Check the box 'my data has headers'" not: "You will need to check the box 'my data has headers'"
  • Include Version information on each article. Cut and paste the information below into the top of your article and update it as you edit.

==Version Information==
*[[Article Creation|Article Created based on version]]: 11.1.4 HF #4
*[[Article Last Update|Last Updated with version]]: