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Transformation: QRC– VM Category ID

Quality Reporting and Compliance (QRC) Program is an offering with eight (8) distinct services available to any client and is agnostic to the vendor (i.e. Allscripts, Meditech, Epic)

Service Type – PS, TS, Blnd

The eight (8) services include a blended service combining both PS and TS as well as individual PS and TS components are available.

Sales Engineer

Christy Erickson is the sales engineer for all QRC services.

Service Expert (contact this person to suggest improvements to this wiki)

Christy Erickson is the service expert for all QRC services.


Galen’s Quality Reporting and Compliance (QRC) program offers assurance that our clients are capturing all possible revenue available, based on current regulatory incentive programs, and avoiding penalties that could impact their revenue. Typical regulatory programs that can provide incentives and/or penalties include, Meaningful Use (MU), Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) based programs. Galen’s quality reporting and compliance program also helps our clients with both internal and external reporting initiatives.

The eight (8) QRC services include the following:

Target Filter/Target Clients

Each specific service under the QRC Program outlines the key target clients. Please refer to the Overview section. Below are general clients who would benefit from the QRC Program:

QRC: Assessment-Implementation-Training

  • Clients who are not participating in MU or PQRS today
  • Clients who are small-medium size or have had recent staff turnover who may or may not have the knowledge in this area and need help understanding the different incentive program metrics and how to configure, interpret, and define the workflows
  • Clients who have the staff perhaps to configure and document but may not have immediate bandwidth to complete the configuration/documentation required.

QRC: Managed Services

  • Clients who do not have full time FTE dedicated resource to Meaningful Use or PQRS programs
  • Clients who are small-medium size or have had recent staff turnover and need monitoring of incentive programs until staff replaced
  • Clients size is less than 100 provider practice mostly likely to fit the profile
  • Clients who are in Stage 2 MU for 2016 and have struggled to meet Stage 2 in 2015, this service will provide increase monitoring to quickly identify trending of missed measures for quick remediation

QRC: Solution-Services-Maintenance

  • Clients who are in merger/acquisition mode and have more than 1 PM and/or EHR system that they need to capture data on to develop a single report for filing for regulatory programs
  • Clients who are actively undergoing conversions
  • Clients who are a participating in PQRS, ACO, and HEDIS that do not have formal reporting system to capture all the measures in one place.

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QRC- Solution-Services-Maintenance



QRC- Assessment-Implementation-Training



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QRC- Assessment-Implementation-Training

QRC- Solution-Services

QRC- Solution-Services-Maintenance

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