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The Allscripts Patient Portal was made to facilitate more efficient communication and data sharing between patients and providers; thus, Allscripts chose this bi-directional data flow between a portal and the EHR as the solution. Allscripts chose Intuit Health as their Patient Portal Application, which will streamline the data from a portal to Allscripts EHR, Professional EHR, and MyWay applications. Intuit Health has proven itself to be a HIPAA secure portal with features that are easy to navigate and use.

The Patient Portal Enables:

  1. Patients to receive electronic copies of their health information.
  2. Patients to obtain electronic access to their health information within 96 hours of the information becoming available to an Eligible Professional (EP).
  3. Patients to receive appointment reminders (pre-conditions exist).
  4. Patients to request an appointment with an EP.
  5. Patients to ask for information from a staff member (pre-conditions exist).
  6. Patients to request online consultations.
  7. Patients to request prescription renewals.
  8. Patients to send PHR data to a provider.
  9. Providers to send messages back to patients.
  10. Providers to send completed encounter data added to the PHR.
  11. Providers to send health reminders to patients.
  12. Providers to review and publish lab results to patients.
  13. Patients to view the medication changes made to their chart.

Pre-Conditions that MUST Exist:

  1. The receiving Allscripts Product is registered with the Portal.
  2. The patient is registered in the receiving Allscripts Product.
  3. The patient has a valid Portal account.
  4. The Portal has the Allscripts MRN for the patient.

Build Workbook Tasks

Patient Portal: ChartViwer Configuration

Patient Portal: Unsolicited Messages Configuration

Patient Portal: User Administration Configuration