Create multiple output templates

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To create a new output (additional or secondary output), do the following from the INPUT template in which additional outputs need to be added:

  • Click NEW OUTPUT
  • Change the document type to one that is appropriate. Note that the associated document type will initially be the one that matches the name of the input. All other outputs would likely have different document types associated with them.
  • Complete the output template properties as applicable
  • Click OK, then SAVE

Note that once the new output is saved, it is still possible to go back in and edit the document type by doing the following:

  • Right click and "edit" the desired output
  • Click "properties"
  • Select the appropriate document type from the drop-down list
  • Click OK
  • Modify the properties of the output if needed
  • Click OK again, the SAVE

To delete a specific output, right click on the output and select "delete", then save.