15.1 Bugs

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  • When in the Note Authoring Workspace, using the two pane view, attempting to change the linked encounter by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner only quickly opens the encounter selector and then immediately closes it.
  • When editing/creating new Noteforms, the "publish" button does not always light up appropriately. The workaround is to edit the form properties or open another form, close it and then go back to publish the original NoteForm.
  • Some Additional Information questions, when set to display in the Note, will display outside the margins of any additional AOE questions.


Clinical Desktop

  • Selecting an encounter from the clinical desktop and attempting to "make current" does not actually make the encounter current.
  • When expanding the width of a flowsheet column, entering a goal and then moving to the next item in the flowsheet will cause the column to resize to its original size.

Resultable Items

  • Resultable item defaults do not hold when resulting items to a flowsheet. The defaulted item does not show up when saved in the flowsheet. The workaround is to re-select the defaulted item and then commit the data.
  • Missing mnemonic from a resultable item causes missing entry when that same item is resulted into a flowsheet. Although the data initially shows up in the flowsheet, once committed, it disappears from the flowsheet and does not show up on the note output if the flowsheet is defaulted into a note.