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Brief steps to create an Allscripts Touchworks EHR v11 Note:

  • Build document type in the document type dictionary
  • Assign document type to an appropriate Parent Class (if applicable)
  • From Note Admin>Note Templates, create a New Input template or search for exisiting
  • If creating a New Input, add Noteform Sections as applicable, and set properties for each section
  • Add noteforms under appropriate note sections (e.g. ROS, PE etc...)
  • Add Text Templates if and where applicable
  • Associate Input Template to desired Output Template(s)
  • Assign new note templates to appropriate section in chart viewer then test
  • Create Print Template as desired in Document Admin
  • Setup AutoPrint Defaults as desired

V11.2 Note Changes

Changes to v11.2. Note

V11.2 Note Tips and Tricks

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V11.4.1 Note Tips and Tricks

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Q: Is it best practice to bring over all noteforms and note templates from Test to Live or is it best practice to bring over only those note templates and NoteForms that have been tested and the organization has decided to use?

  • Only move from Test to Production those note templates the organization will be using and those noteforms the organization may have tweaked and put inside those note templates.
  • However the base install of all the noteforms should be installed in Production. Typically clients do NOT inactivate noteforms they have not tested, because this would limit the noteforms that are pulled into the note for symptom or problem-based forms.
  • Normally, the process is that the standard note forms are installed in both test and production. The organization then reviews the noteforms they will be defaulting into note templates and decides if they need to create new noteforms. The organization then moves the note templates they decided to use AND the noteforms tweaked and/or created into production.

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v11.2.x Issue: Every time a note assigned to the Orthopedic Surgery specialty was opened, an error would occur “Exception Caught: Index was found outside the bounds of array”. This did not occur with any other specialties. Multiple specialties are assigned some of the same note templates and I was able to open the same note template in different specialties.

Resolution: The client created a document type called HFW Surgery and assigned it the Parent Form “Operative Visit”. The client then created a note template using this document type and assigned it to the specialty Orthopedic Surgery. The client then created a note template using the delivered Operative Visit document type and assigned the Parent Form “Hospital” in the document type dictionary. This note template was also assigned to the Orthopedic Surgery specialty. The system was confused because a Parent Form, Operative Visit, was also being used as a submenu to Hospital. I made Hospital the parent Form to HFW Surgery in the document type dictionary and the issue was resolved.

Please note: finding this issue was difficult in that I could not see that HFW Surgery was assigned to the parent form Operative Visit until I removed the parent form Hospital from Operative Visit and then noticed in the Note selector window that Operative Visit now had a sub-menu. Researching further I realized the issue.